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Greg Feste To Address Lack of Cancer Coverage In Insurance Policies In Upcoming Commercial Says Feste

August 24, 2015 Leave a comment

Rezilient Direct, along with CEO Greg Feste will be launching a series of commercials addressing the lack of coverage insurance policies provide when it comes to cancer.

— Rezilient Direct is trying to promote and advocate financial protection against cancer with their new series of commercials that tell the stories of real life cancer survivors who have dealt with financial hardship firsthand. “We have people coming to us that are trying to buy cancer insurance, that are already diagnosed with cancer because of all of the things insurance doesn’t cover. We are trying to promote the message that you need to financially prepare yourself before a cancer diagnosis with a supplemental policy. It should be a part of everyone’s portfolio, just like life insurance”, says Greg Feste. RZD is on a mission to create awareness about the lack of coverage in major medical insurance that doesn’t pay for many of the costs that come with a cancer diagnosis.

These costs aren’t just medically related, many of them are due to things like hotel expenses, gas, food, and other travel costs when going to get treatment. “Many people don’t realize that there are so many different expenses that insurance policies just don’t recognize. Supplemental cancer coverage is designed to pick up the tab on a lot of those unexpected things that come with cancer. They actually pay you cash benefits, and not just a little bit at a time. This helps to bridge the gap between coverage, and reduces chances of going into some serious debt”, stated Greg Feste, RZD CEO. Rezilient Direct Corp was formed to bring this coverage to the market, so customers could buy supplemental insurance with ease. Users can do this by going to the RZD website, and getting a quick quote by entering their medical information.

This tells customers how much their monthly premium will be, and will then direct users to enrolling in a policy of their preference. “We have made this process as quick and easy as possible. Our clients can get a quote, choose a policy, fill out medical information, and get an approval for a policy in roughly 5 minutes. We are pretty proud of that, being the first company to offer supplemental insurance online, with the ability to purchase a policy all online”, quoted Rezilient Direct President Greg Feste, of Austin, TX.

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Greg Feste: From Anti-Cancer Advocate to Cancer Survivor

July 22, 2011 1 comment

An anti-cancer advocate, and large American Cancer Society donor, Greg Feste went from supporting those with cancer, to ultimately being diagnosed with a rare form of Hairy Cell Leukemia in December, 2007.

This motivated Feste to start a Company, that helps individuals financially prepare for the costs associated with cancer that most Major Medical policies don’t cover.

“It was like I was hit with a ton of bricks”, recalls Greg Feste after being diagnosed. “I mean, what do you say? What do I do now? Am I going to live? There are so many questions racing through your head at once, it’s a lot to process at once.”

Greg Feste, once a Cancer advocate, knew what it was like to see people with cancer. “I used to go sit with people and talk to them at cancer centers while they were receiving their chemotherapy, I loved doing it because it really helped them, just a simple bit of conversation can make the biggest difference in a tough time”, says Feste.

One of the businesses that Feste previously owned donated tens of thousands of dollars every year to the American Cancer Society, as well as various other organizations that gave different types of grants to help people that couldn’t afford treatment. “I never thought in a million years that I would be the guy sitting in that chair, never did it even cross my mind”, says Greg Feste.

In December, of 2007 Greg was diagnosed with a very rare form of Hairy Cell Leukemia. Hairy Cell Leukemia is very rare, with only 2,000 people diagnosed every year within the entire western hemisphere.

Usually, rare forms of anything are very bad, but it this case, the particular form of rare Leukemia was fairly curable. After undergoing treatment, as well as Chemotherapy, he was cleared of all Cancer within 6 months of being diagnosed.

For those who endure cancer treatment, there is a point where most think, “Wow, how am I going to pay for all of these bills?” According to the American Cancer Society, the average debt of a cancer survivor is $38,000.

“I had a pile of bills, and shockingly my Major Medical coverage paid close to none of it”, recalls Feste. Luckily, Greg had a supplemental cancer insurance policy. “It literally covered about 90% of all of my out-of-pocket expenses, which was a lot of money. I was amazed, because the policy only cost me about $40/month for the highest level of coverage. I was thinking, wow, I spend that in a week at Starbucks!”

Upon realizing how major medical insurance didn’t cover most of his cancer expenses, Greg started to take a harder look at the supplemental insurance industry as a whole. “The more research I did, the more I realized that there are an incredible amount of gaps in major medical policies, especially when it comes to Cancer particularly” says Feste.

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The New Rezilient Direct Site Launching in July, Says CEO Greg Feste

July 19, 2011 2 comments

“The new and improved Rezilient Direct website it not only more efficient, but more interactive so users can get more out of their experience”, says CEO Greg Feste.

Rezilient Direct is the first company to take Supplemental “Worksite” Insurance from the work place, to an online platform. “Naturally, supplemental insurance has been really only sold or talked about at the work site, but now, what we have done is given people options to buy directly online from the comfort of their own home”, says CEO Greg Feste.

Rezilient Direct is launching in 48 states, making individuals across the United States able to purchase their product. The Rezilient Direct saying “Click today, covered tomorrow”, goes hand in hand with their concept, and vision for anyone to be able to go to their site, and purchase supplemental insurance directly from their site, within just a few minutes. The coverage they offer is considered “jet issued”, which basically means that there are only 3-4 questions regarding health matters that determine eligibility for being able to attain coverage. Approval only takes 3-4 minutes, and policies are issued in most cases within just 24 hours.

Having pioneered this niche, Rezilient Direct offers a numerous supplemental insurance products including: Critical Illness, which covers cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and various other types of critical illnesses. They also offer different forms of Accident Insurance, with options for additional riders, to attain additional coverage. They also have Emergency Care, which covers out of pocket costs associated with Emergency room visits, from basis to critical.

“The new site has many great new features, more efficient user ability, a wider range of states we can sell product, and more importantly makes us able to directly communicate with users through the site to give them better information about our products”, said Greg Feste.

Greg Feste knows a thing or two about the need for these products. In 2007 he was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Hairy Cell Leukemia. Luckily, he was diagnosed early, and was in full remission within two years. What made the difference in his case, is that he had a supplemental insurance policy that covered Cancer. For Cancer survivors with just primary health insurance, they know that not all of the costs associated with cancer are covered. In Greg Feste’s case, he would have had to come out of pocket for over $20k without his supplemental insurance policy, but luckily, he had one.

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