Greg Feste Information & Biography

Greg Feste Biography & Information


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Greg Feste Accouncing Local Football Game for the Westlake Chaps

Greg Feste is a long time supporter of cancer advocacy groups, and supporting cancer victims and survivors. Greg Feste himself was diagnosed with Leukemia in December of 2007. He made it through strenuous treatments, and made it through his cancer diagnosis. Mr. Feste has been cancer-free since late 2007 and has remained in remission ever since.

Greg Feste has donated to many different cancer research and support organizations, and has even spent time with cancer victims while they went through their daily treatments. But Greg didn’t understand what it was like to have cancer until he was face to face with cancer itself. Since then, Mr. Feste has continued to be an advocate.

He has also started a company called Rezilient Direct, that helps individuals prepare financially against a possible cancer diagnosis through supplemental insurance. Greg had a cancer policy while going through costly treatment, and this policy covered thousands of dollars in costs that his primary medical policy did not cover. Most don’t realize the extent of the out of pocket expenses that cancer has. “Luckily, those that are faced with the unfortunate disease that have a cancer policy will be better prepared in the event that they are diagnosed with cancer, according to Greg Feste. Don’t wait until it is too late, cancer insurance ranges from $12-$60 a month for an individual, which is less than what a lot of us spend on our morning coffee in a couple weeks,” also stated Feste.

Greg Feste resides in the Austin, Texas area with his family and enjoys spending time with them, their two dogs, and his granddaughter. Greg also serves as the CEO for Rezilient Direct, an online supplemental insurance provider established in 2009. For more information about Feste you can visit the following:

Greg Feste on Tumblr to get the latest information straight from his blog. You can also get Greg Feste’s Biography on Aboutme.

For some of the latest Press on Greg Feste and his endeavors you can visit:

Make sure to search for Mr. Feste on Twitter, as well as Facebook. Thank you for reading, feel free to contact us directly through the website for more information in regards to Greg Feste.

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