Greg Feste To Address Lack of Cancer Coverage In Insurance Policies In Upcoming Commercial Says Feste

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Rezilient Direct, along with CEO Greg Feste will be launching a series of commercials addressing the lack of coverage insurance policies provide when it comes to cancer.

— Rezilient Direct is trying to promote and advocate financial protection against cancer with their new series of commercials that tell the stories of real life cancer survivors who have dealt with financial hardship firsthand. “We have people coming to us that are trying to buy cancer insurance, that are already diagnosed with cancer because of all of the things insurance doesn’t cover. We are trying to promote the message that you need to financially prepare yourself before a cancer diagnosis with a supplemental policy. It should be a part of everyone’s portfolio, just like life insurance”, says Greg Feste. RZD is on a mission to create awareness about the lack of coverage in major medical insurance that doesn’t pay for many of the costs that come with a cancer diagnosis.

These costs aren’t just medically related, many of them are due to things like hotel expenses, gas, food, and other travel costs when going to get treatment. “Many people don’t realize that there are so many different expenses that insurance policies just don’t recognize. Supplemental cancer coverage is designed to pick up the tab on a lot of those unexpected things that come with cancer. They actually pay you cash benefits, and not just a little bit at a time. This helps to bridge the gap between coverage, and reduces chances of going into some serious debt”, stated Greg Feste, RZD CEO. Rezilient Direct Corp was formed to bring this coverage to the market, so customers could buy supplemental insurance with ease. Users can do this by going to the RZD website, and getting a quick quote by entering their medical information.

This tells customers how much their monthly premium will be, and will then direct users to enrolling in a policy of their preference. “We have made this process as quick and easy as possible. Our clients can get a quote, choose a policy, fill out medical information, and get an approval for a policy in roughly 5 minutes. We are pretty proud of that, being the first company to offer supplemental insurance online, with the ability to purchase a policy all online”, quoted Rezilient Direct President Greg Feste, of Austin, TX.

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Greg Feste’s Newest YouTube & Vimeo Commercials

See the latest series of commercials from Greg Feste here:

This is the latest “Obama gap” insurance that Greg Feste discusses in the video policy holders should consider, really anyone that holds a major medical insurance policy should take a hard look at. This insurance doesn’t replace any coverage, it adds onto it filling the gaps of coverage.

Cancer coverage video:

In this commercial Greg Feste’s Rezilient Direct offers supplemental policies that cover various  costs from hospital stays, travel costs, and lump sums that are paid directly to the policy holders.

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New Supplemental Insurance Commercial by Greg Feste & Rezilient

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This video is of Greg Feste’s testimonial about his experience with Cancer. Greg was diagnosed in 2007 and has been in remission every since. This is Mr. Feste story.

Links To Greg Feste’s Personal & Social Media Profiles

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greg feste social media profilesIf you are looking for more information about Greg Feste and his personal profiles you can find them below:

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Greg Feste Talks Supplemental Insurance & How Their Innovative Insurance Products Cover Cancer Costs

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Greg Feste, CEO of Rezilient Direct announced a new partnership with Heartland National Life Insurance Company to host a new selection of supplemental insurance products that cover cancer costs, and other expensive conditions that most insurance doesn’t fully cover.

Led by CEO Greg Feste, Rezilient Direct has established themselves as an online pioneer in the insurance world.

“The newly formed partnership with Heartland National will help us to offer a larger portfolio of supplemental insurance products, which gives our clients more of a selection”, stated by Greg Feste, CEO of Rezilient Direct.

Heartland National Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of Supplemental Insurance benefits for individuals, specializing in Medicare Supplement insurance.

Rezilient Direct was established in 2009 by Greg Feste, with ambitions to sell supplemental insurance products directly online, something which other companies like Aflac and Allstate had not yet done.

Rezilient Direct has made supplemental insurance available for purchase directly though their website, which means an individual can sign up for a product, and have it issued to them without ever even speaking to an insurance agent.

Currently Rezilient Direct offers supplement insurance policies that include: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Accident, Hospital, and even a new Medicare Supplement policy. All of these products pay cash directly to the insured, and cover costs within the “gap” that major medical insurance does not cover. “With our policies, even if a benefit is covered by the insureds major medical plan, it still pays the individual regardless”, quoted Greg Feste.

Supplemental insurance is very affordable, with policies starting at as little as $12/month to protect themselves from costly things such as cancer, heart attacks, ICU hospitalization. All of these cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and frequently cause people to have to file for bankruptcy.

Greg Feste started Rezilient Direct because in 2007 he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, and luckily had a supplemental cancer insurance policy. Greg was able to cover out of pocket costs that his main medical insurance policy would not cover. Seeing the enormous value that his cancer policy had, inspired him to make take it to the forefront of supplemental insurance and let others know how to protect themselves if they ever get diagnosed. According to the American Cancer Society, 60% of the costs associated with cancer are not covered by insurance. “This quote says it all, the average Joe can’t just fork over $1,000 a week during radiation and chemotherapy and still be able to pay their bills”, says Greg Feste.

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Buying Supplemental Insurance Online – A Revolutionary Change in the Supplemental Insurance Industry Says Greg Feste

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“Supplemental Insurance is on its way to becoming an insurance product every household has”, according to Greg Feste.

Why Supplemental Insurance is Key

Rezilient Direct CEO Greg Feste was onto something when he started marketing the highly under-the-radar and under recognized supplemental products. Not only by offering them at all, but marketing them online especially.

Supplemental Insurance, with an exception to life insurance, in the past has not been available for purchase online. Now, several types of supplemental coverage can be purchased online, including, cancer, heart attack, stroke, and accident insurance.

Supplemental Insurance is becoming a financial necessity, and let me tell you why. Health insurance premiums are spinning out of control, rapidly increasing yearly, with individual premiums at an all time high at $2,613/year, and $5,799 per year for families. With health insurance consistently increasing yearly, individuals are having to decrease coverage, and select higher deductible plans so they can afford health insurance. In doing this, it leaves larger gaps in coverage, and makes policyholders more financially vulnerable.

According to the American Cancer Society, the average debt for a cancer patient is $38,000. 75% of cancer patients had major medical insurance, and still ended up with that amount of debt. Why? Well, that’s because historically health insurance, when it comes to cancer for example, only ends up covering about 70% of health expenses. Some of the main costs of cancer like experimental drug treatment, transportation, lodging, are not covered by major medical insurance plans. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, more than 60% of all bankruptcies in the United States are health related, with half of them being cancer related. 3 of 4 of all who file bankruptcy due to cancer have a major medical policy. This is exactly why supplemental insurance is a necessity for every American family.

“Even with major medical insurance, it’s apparent that individuals, and families are still vulnerable to significant out of pocket costs, that most cannot afford”, says Greg Feste.

Rezilient Direct is the first supplemental insurance provider to make purchase available directly from their site. Policies can be enrolled within 3-5 minutes, and a policy can be active at the earliest within just 24 hours.